Sky-tours International

Meet The Team

Rudolph ‘Rudi’ Seiberlich – Chairman, Sky-tours International

Born in Bavaria Germany, Rudi founded Sky-tours GMBH as a brick-and-mortar travel agency in Germany in 1973. Sky-tours focused on the airline sector in 1977, by joining Laker Airways as a general sales agency.

Then, in 1998 went online as one of the first flight booking engines on the worldwide web.

Through Rudi’s innovative passion, Sky-tours continues to evolve and now represents a global house of brands, Sky-tours International (STI) – through brands,, Sky-toursUSA and affiliate brand Era of Travel.

This powerhouse represents 2 decades of online transactions, sales and services to 90+ countries, exclusive platforms for USA Military service members, and discounted value fares to global, leisure travelers.

STI, now represents itself as a leading provider of packaged-leisure travel solutions, globalized sourcing of air, land, ground and sea travel products, and seamless online travel transactions. Rudi’s primary focus today is to ensure the house-of-brands under STI continue to evolve, yet maintain value to create vacation packages, and sell air, land, ground and sea offers to bolster the dream of tourism – worldwide.

Rudi is the “Grandfather” of travel agents who embraces technology, as a means to improving the travel experience for travelers. His favorite travel destination is currently: Acores, Portugal.

Randolph ‘Randy’ Alleyne – Chief Executive Officer, Sky-tours International

Sky-tours International (STI), a leading provider of packaged-leisure travel solutions, globalized sourcing of air, land, ground and sea travel products, and seamless online travel transactions - recently named Randy Alleyne, CEO of Sky-tours International, a house-of-brands. In this newly created infrastructure, Alleyne will drive STI’s aggressive growth plans to support existing and new travel agents, and procure through partnerships, marketing and technology, packaged travel solutions to travelers globally. Randy’s role is to strengthen STI’s revenue generation through best practices, collaborative team environments and strategic partnership campaigns.

Randy is an accomplished, entrepreneurial leader with a strong portfolio of successes through retail sectors, business start-ups, marketing, sales and operations optimization. He not only manages the businesses he stewards, but is a true leader of the people he supports by creating, sharing and living the vision of STI’s purpose. Prior to joining STI, Randy served as President, Leisure Sales of Flight Center USA. There, he was responsible for the retail sales targets of Liberty Travel; wholesale market share and profitability of GOGO Worldwide Vacations; and new market brand development and network expansion of Independent by Liberty Travel. Formerly, Randy was Vice President Circuit City Stores, and regional manager Walmart Stores.

Randy displays his penchant for educational advancement through his most recent endeavor, where he now holds a Business Leadership certificate from Harvard University. He is also an Honorable Veteran of the US Army. His favorite travel destination is currently: La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Jonathan Shaffer – Chief Financial Officer, Sky-tours International

Shaffer has been involved with the Sky-tours organization for over 6 years, where he has grown from a role overseeing the operations of the US business, to CFO of the evolution of Sky-tours International (STI) house-of-brands. Serving as the senior strategist of the organization’s financial trust, Jonathan is responsible for all finance functions of the U.S. brands, acts as a senior advisor for international brands, and serves as the organizational liaison for institutional investors and 3rd party relationships. Through his guidance, leadership, marketing, operations and IT functions have expanded their capabilities to support STI brand growth, while contracting cost exposure broadly.

Coming from the realty sector, Jonathan is now truly travel-centric. He will be relied upon to utilize his multifaceted experience with financial reporting, planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities throughout the STI brands. His concentration is emphasized on business planning, budgeting, forecasting, negotiations, overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting and advising on short/long-term business and financial decisions and procedures.

Jonathan’s love and respect for the ocean, coupled with thousands of hours spent underwater, have given him a deep appreciation of our natural environment, and for further exploration of the world through travel and tourism. His next adventure destination is: Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Elizabeth ‘EQ’ Quezada – Chief Technology Officer, Sky-tours International

Quezada, hailing from Guatemala City, Guatemala, has been with Sky-tours since 2013, where she has worked at all levels of technology platforms, systems development and infrastructure implementation. As STI works to connect and align capabilities, Elizabeth oversees the most critical fibers of the organization’s capabilities.

Elizabeth has a deep understanding of technical applications due to her prior experience with companies such as Sit Mobile, EXPO H&R and Privalia. EQ now governs the executive technological decisions of all internal brands. She is charged with defining the IT vision, implementing technological strategies and ensuring availed resources are aligned with company, brand and consumer needs.

Elizabeth, a true technologist, has spent time with ongoing education from several collegiate institutions to include: Udemy Alumni, Imagina Formacion and Mongo DB University. Her favorite travel destination is currently: Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Christopher ‘Chris’ Zarate – Founding Member, Era of Travel

Zarate has been a driving force behind the sales successes of many companies since his early years of leading front-line teams. Beginning his career as a sales representative, and ascending to the top of the C-Suite with Era of Travel, Zarate embodies the power of the opportunity-based business Sky-tours International (STI) has created.

Chris has held positions across multiple legendary brands such as Circuit City Stores, Sears Department Stores and Liberty Travel Stores. Through these organizations, he has displayed strong leadership skills, business acumen, a drive for revenue growth, and a commitment to stellar results. In his current role, as a Founding Member of Era of Travel, Chris is now responsible for client relationships, campaign growth and complementing the company’s well-known, business-to-business relationships with travel industry partners on a global scale.

STI is excited to watch Chris as he operates within our house of brands to further development, expand and create new omnichannel capabilities for our brands. His favorite travel destination is currently: Tokyo, Japan.

Elisabeth Cardus – President, Sky-tours

Elisabeth' passion for the travel industry can be traced back to 2005, where she spent significant time working on private transfers and group bookings for a leading DMC company in the Principality of Andorra, country located in the eastern Pyrenees mountain range. For the last 10 years, Elisabeth has advanced her career within the Sky-tours online travel agency, gaining unparalleled experience in the air travel space. Through acquired knowledge and performance, Elisabeth has been promoted several times to her most recent role of Chief Operating Officer,

In her current role as President, Elisabeth utilizes her full array of career expertise as she directs all operations, customer experience services, and chairs acquisition and implementation of partnership synergies. The Sky-tours International (STI) team is eager to support Elisabeth, as her leadership of the Sky-tours brand will be crucial to build on our reputation of maintaining long-term customer relationships, and consistently delivering performance results that exceed market share and business targets.

Elisabeth is widely known for her adept communication skills, technical applications and advanced travel sector expertise. Elisabeth holds a Tourism & Business Travel diploma from Universitat de Lleida; and a Public Relations & Communication Master’s degree from EADA Business School, Barcelona. Her favorite travel destination is currently: ‘The Remarkables’ - Queenstown, New Zealand.

David Black – President, Sky-tours USA

Black, a 26-year veteran in the hospitality industry, spent his early years using hotel lobbies as his playground in Ocho Rios, on Jamaica’s north coast. He started his career early, working with Sandals and Beaches Resorts, where he credits Jamaican hotel guru, Butch Stewart, for teaching him “everything” he knows about being a hotelier. Leading the strategic Sky-tours USA brand, Sky-tours International (STI) has full confidence in Black’s ability to display his exceptional ability to successfully identify new distribution channels, create winning relationships with key partners and leverage his strategic business skills to development winning solutions throughout the partner-client lifecycle.

David most recently was the Senior Director of Sales at Karimsa hotels and resorts, where he oversaw north America wholesale for Mexico and the Caribbean. Prior, he was the Director of Sales for Resorts World Bimini; where he was responsible for building the sales department from the ground up. He led the pre-opening hotel team for Hilton at Resorts World Bimini, a 305-room marina property in The Bahamas, and went on to oversee day-to-day operations for the outside and inside sales agents, revenue management, reservations call center, groups, travel agents and FIT business. Before joining Resorts World Bimini, Black had his own consultancy, Black Label Hospitality, where he provided counsel for boutique luxury hotels.

David has a keen sense of partnership, and can speak with ‘anyone’ at any-level within an organization. David holds a Bachelors Science Hospitality Florida International University. His favorite travel destination is currently: Port Antonio, Jamaica.

John Hunt - President, Militaryfares

At a young age, Hunt knew he wanted to travel the world. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduating high school, in Dallas, Texas. His first duty station was Okinawa, Japan, where he was stationed for one year. During this time, he was fortunate to tour South Korea, Tokyo, and Australia. John’s final duty station brought him to Newburgh, NY, at Stewart Air National Guard Base, where he currently resides.

John started his travel career with Liberty Travel in 2002, in which he held numerous positions over an 18-year tenure, accompanied with prestigious honors on the President’s Club for Outstanding Sales Performance and Exceptional Customer Service. With a strong background in SABRE, he eventually moved behind the scenes to support the sales and operational teams. Building on his most recent role as an Airline Relationship Manager, John will bring his full experience to his new role within the STI house of brands, as he focuses on reengineering the Militaryfares brand; secure new contracts and products; and introduce and develop vital external relationships within the airline, hotel and cruise verticals.

John graduated with a degree in Business Management from SUNY Orange college. His favorite travel destination is currently: Istanbul, Turkey.